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Folks. Thanks for today. Both Cal and I enjoyed getting in some extra mat time. Nice to see those who I'd met before and nice to meet those I hadn't. Thanks
Coming back to judo after a ten year break has been interesting to say the least. Thanks to Yvette and everyone at White Horse Judo Club for making my transition as painless (metaphorically speaking) as possible. See you all next week!
Big Congratulations to TOM BOWMAN. Really hope it carries on going well for you and you're able to keep progressing.
Fantastic website, really nice to see you all doing so well. Keep up the good work and all the best from all of us at Grove Martial Arts. Chris.
Great website ! I would like to thank you from France.
Hi, Reference my last post, please note the link has changed to Greetings from Whitehorse, Yukon, Canada Dan
Hello judo athletes! Hereby I would like to highlight the first online game of Judo. The game is free. (OnlineJudoFighting) Greetings Marion
Hello... I have visited at last! The club runs an extensive range of things for all those interested in judo. My son has enjoyed learning about judo with Yvette in a very positive environment. Thank you to you all for giving up your time so often.
just looked through the pictures m8, they are great, see you saturday xx
Excellent website Yvette, very professional and informative. Looks a good club, wish you could set one up in North Herts.
Cracking website! Tells me all I need to know about your judo club! Good job.
Hey nice one Evette. Hope all is going ok at the club and hope to see you soon back in Leicester.
Hey not bad at all Yvette, hope you didn't do this is in works time (couldn't give a stuff if u did - lol). Love the two old guys with you in the photo gallery xxx
Very nice website, Yvette. Win tomorrow. :-) cindynjim77
You too, Dom eh? lol Nice site Yvette! x
Tiggers Kick Ass
Yvette made me sign the guest book!!