Fundraising Ideas


Now is your chance to put down your suggestions for raising money for our Judo Club.


If you have ANY ideas on how we can raise money, please put them here!


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How about a sponsored event.
few ideas


-judo related quiz night - charge per entry of team (mixture of parents and students)

-sponsorship from large companies - return would be advertising for a set period of time on club published material

will have more of a think and post some more when bright ideas ping in my brain......
Put the Judo Coaches in the Stocks and people can pay to throw wet sponges at them... price per sponge and as many go's as you like!
Just to start you off, here's my suggestion that is going to be done over the next couple of weeks... EASTER EGG RAFFLE!

Please support this fundraising activity by bringing (at least) 20p to your training sessions between Monday 22nd and Saturday 3rd April inclusive. The draw will be made on Saturday 3rd April at the end of the training session.